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State Fund plays a vital role in helping to make workplaces safe. The State Fund Safety Blog features workplace safety tips, best practices, and commentary by industry experts about the latest information on Cal/OSHA regulations, workplace compliance, and industry trends.

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14Jul 2017

Ask the Expert – Maintaining Safe Noise Levels at Your Workplace

Question:  What is noise exposure? Is there a Cal/OSHA regulation regarding noise exposure? Answer:  Noise exposure is a combination of sound levels (expressed in decibels) and the length of time a person is exposed to those sound levels. Exposure to … Read more »

27Jun 2017

Ask the Expert – When Employees Bring Tools to the Construction Site

Question:  I own a construction company. My employees often bring their own tools to use at work and I’m wondering if I’m responsible for ensuring that their personal tools are safe and Cal/OSHA compliant. I try to provide my employees … Read more »

20Jun 2017
Lauren Mayfield

Summer is Coming – Time to Practice Safe Sun!

As a loss prevention engineer driving is a major part of my job. I have the opportunity to travel to job sites throughout Northern California. During my first summer on the job, and in the car, I learned the hard … Read more »