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State Fund Safety Blog

State Fund plays a vital role in helping to make workplaces safe. The State Fund Safety Blog features workplace safety tips, best practices, and commentary by industry experts about the latest information on Cal/OSHA regulations, workplace compliance, and industry trends.

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28Apr 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Your Mother Doesn’t Work Here: Workplace Housekeeping

An Organized Workplace is a Safe Workplace. Cleaning up after yourself is likely the best workplace safety advice your mother gave you. Of course, your mother wasn’t thinking about cluttered construction sites or utility closets so packed with cast-off furniture … Read more »

22Apr 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Preventing Tech Neck

Working with technology can be a real “pain in the neck.” Your neck is stiff. You notice a constant pain between your shoulder blades. You wake up with a headache or worse, a migraine. While stress is a likely cause, … Read more »

22Mar 2016
State Fund

You Might Be Dirtier than You Think

Are you washing your hands the right way? Effective handwashing takes more than soap and water. Last week, we talked about cold stress and how to spot it. But cold weather and rain also increase the chance of getting sick. Handwashing … Read more »