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State Fund plays a vital role in helping to make workplaces safe. The State Fund Safety Blog features workplace safety tips, best practices, and commentary by industry experts about the latest information on Cal/OSHA regulations, workplace compliance, and industry trends.

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23Aug 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Breathe Easier – Avoid Work Related Asthma

Butchers, bakers, and candlestick-makers all work with some form of allergen or irritant. Many workers across a wide range of occupations breathe in substances that, without proper protection, could cause occupational asthma. Workplace irritants can cause asthma in those who … Read more »

16Aug 2016
Lauren Mayfield

The Heat Is on – so Is the Risk for Food Contamination

Keep food safe during the hot summer months. While businesses turn their focus to heat illness prevention during the hot summer months, it’s also important—especially in the agricultural industry—to focus on field sanitation and worker safety. Bacteria and other microbial … Read more »

09Aug 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Quench Your Thirst – Prevent Dehydration in the Workplace

Milk may do your body good, but water is essential. Insufficient amounts of water can lead to serious dehydration. Recently we talked about smart sun protection for outdoor workers and ways to avoid heat illness during the hot summer months. … Read more »