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State Fund plays a vital role in helping to make workplaces safe. The State Fund Safety Blog features workplace safety tips, best practices, and commentary by industry experts about the latest information on Cal/OSHA regulations, workplace compliance, and industry trends.

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14Mar 2017
Lauren Mayfield

Walk like a Penguin – Good Advice to Avoid Slips and Falls

We’ve talked about safe winter driving, but do you know about safe winter walking? During the last five years of drought we didn’t experience much winter weather at all. But this year we’ve seen tons of it. In fact, California … Read more »

10Mar 2017
Lauren Mayfield

Your Parents Were Right When They Said TV Is Bad For You

Don’t read or watch TV in the dark. Don’t sit so close to the screen. If you watch too much you’ll ruin your eyesight. That’s what mom and dad always said. The good news is they were right, but perhaps … Read more »

28Feb 2017
Lauren Mayfield

Absenteeism Costs You Money, a Workplace Wellness Program Can Help!

Missed work means lost productivity, which means your company is losing money. In fact, absenteeism costs U.S. employers $1,685 per employee annually. Does it seem as though your employees spend more time out sick than they do in the office? … Read more »