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State Fund plays a vital role in helping to make workplaces safe. The State Fund Safety Blog features workplace safety tips, best practices, and commentary by industry experts about the latest information on Cal/OSHA regulations, workplace compliance, and industry trends.

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20Dec 2016
Lauren Mayfield

On the Road Again – Be Safe

A safe driving program can help! On average during an 8-hour workday in the U.S., there are 5,750 vehicle crashes, 1,566 injury crashes, and 29 crashes that end in death. 1 Safe driving habits, like defensive driving, can reduce motor … Read more »

14Dec 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Stress Happens, Especially During the Holidays

How to cope with holiday stress at work The holiday season can bring family, friends, and co-workers together. But it can also bring unwelcome guests, including stress. Workplace stress costs more than $300 billion annually due to absenteeism, diminished productivity, … Read more »

08Dec 2016
Lauren Mayfield

Tis the Season to Be Safe and Jolly

Falling off a ladder or tripping over an extension cord can result in injury at any time during the year—but even more so around the holidays. That’s because more people will be climbing ladders and running extension cords to deck … Read more »