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16May 2017

It’s Déjà vu All Over Again – How History Can Inspire Preparedness

Here comes the sun–and the aftermath from an extremely wet winter! Recently, we talked about record breaking amounts of rain in California, floods, and landslides that we’ve already experienced. All that wet weather also brought record amounts of snow and … Read more »

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09May 2017

Ask the Expert – Indoor Heat Illness Prevention

Question:  I work in a foundry building, with no air-conditioning. It gets very hot in the summertime (the temperature often exceeds 90 degrees). I know there’s a Cal/OSHA heat illness prevention regulation for outdoor workplaces such as construction sites and … Read more »

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04Apr 2017

Prevent the Number One Injury in the Workplace

And help reduce your workers’ compensation costs at the same time. At State Fund, we insure all types of businesses in all areas of the state—from construction and agriculture in Eureka, to retail and restaurants in San Diego—and everything in … Read more »

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28Mar 2017

Roofing Crew’s Close Call

The importance of communication on the job site While conducting a safety inspection, I witnessed a hazardous situation unfold on the roof across the street. I noticed a five-man roofing crew re-roofing an old inn across the street. The team … Read more »

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