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08Aug 2017

Ask the Expert – IIPP Required for All Employers: Big and Small

Question:  I only have two employees. Am I required to implement a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)? Answer: Yes, Cal/OSHA requires every California employer to establish and implement an effective, written IIPP (fully put into practice) that involves … Read more »

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31Jul 2017

Heat Stress: Personal Lessons From a Loss Prevention Engineer

If you think you’re immune to heat stress, you might want to give that a little more thought. I, as a Loss Prevention Engineer, felt that way and paid the price one Saturday afternoon about six years ago. It was … Read more »

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27Jul 2017

Keeping Your Machine Shop Safe – A Visual Guide

If an employee can get his/her hands into the operation of a machine—where the actual cutting, shaping, boring, or forming of material takes place—that machine isn’t guarded well enough. Hundreds of people are injured or killed each year working around … Read more »

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20Jun 2017

Summer is Coming – Time to Practice Safe Sun!

As a loss prevention engineer driving is a major part of my job. I have the opportunity to travel to job sites throughout Northern California. During my first summer on the job, and in the car, I learned the hard … Read more »

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