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17Jan 2018

Ask the Expert – Guarding Old Machinery

Question:  I have several old pieces of machinery in my shop that did not come with guards when they were purchased. Do the machine guarding orders still apply? Answer:  Yes, the safety orders for machine guarding apply to all machinery … Read more »

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08Dec 2017

Employers Advised to Protect Workers from SoCal Wildfire Smoke

The large wildfires burning through Southern California are not just affecting those living and working in the immediate area. Smoke is spreading for miles beyond the fire zone, filling the air in many surrounding communities. Are your employees protected? Wildfire … Read more »

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05Dec 2017

Ask the Expert – When to Purchase Ear Protection

Question: Several of my employees have complained that our facility is loud. They have asked us to purchase ear plugs for them to wear while working in our shop. It’s only loud one day out of the week when activity … Read more »

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21Nov 2017

Drowsiness and Driving – A Dangerous Combination

In June of 2014, actor/comedian Tracy Morgan suffered serious injuries and a fellow passenger died, when a semi-truck struck their limousine on the New Jersey Turnpike. The truck driver had been awake for 28 hours straight prior to the accident. Investigators … Read more »

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