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31Jul 2017

Heat Stress: Personal Lessons From a Loss Prevention Engineer

If you think you’re immune to heat stress, you might want to give that a little more thought. I, as a Loss Prevention Engineer, felt that way and paid the price one Saturday afternoon about six years ago. It was … Read more »

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20Jun 2017

Summer is Coming – Time to Practice Safe Sun!

As a loss prevention engineer driving is a major part of my job. I have the opportunity to travel to job sites throughout Northern California. During my first summer on the job, and in the car, I learned the hard … Read more »

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16May 2017

It’s Déjà vu All Over Again – How History Can Inspire Preparedness

Here comes the sun–and the aftermath from an extremely wet winter! Recently, we talked about record breaking amounts of rain in California, floods, and landslides that we’ve already experienced. All that wet weather also brought record amounts of snow and … Read more »

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14Mar 2017

Walk like a Penguin – Good Advice to Avoid Slips and Falls

We’ve talked about safe winter driving, but do you know about safe winter walking? During the last five years of drought we didn’t experience much winter weather at all. But this year we’ve seen tons of it. In fact, California … Read more »

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