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21Jun 2016

Keep Cool and Carry on This Summer

Avoid heat illness in the workplace. Eighty degrees. To some that may seem like the perfect temperature – not too hot, not too cold – but 80 degrees is when heat illness can become a serious threat in the workplace. … Read more »

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07Jun 2016

Disco May Be Dead, but It Still Saves Lives!

Perform Hands-Only CPR to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive” The Bee Gee’s classic disco song provides the perfect beat for this easy form of CPR. According to the American Red Cross, more than 350,000 people experience out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in … Read more »

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05Jun 2012

Protecting California Workers from Heat-Related Injuries

This past Memorial Day weekend, much of the country faced extreme temperatures and health departments across the East Coast issued heat illness prevention tips and warnings. Here in California, even though the weather has been less extreme, we have already seen two worker fatalities that may be related to heat exposure.
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