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11May 2016

What do you get when you cross a pedestrian and a mobile device? A pedtextrian.

And an accident waiting to happen… Mobile phones and other electronic devices have become so commonplace, it’s hard to imagine how we ever got along without them. They are essential to our work and personal lives by helping us ‘get … Read more »

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22Mar 2016

You Might Be Dirtier than You Think

Are you washing your hands the right way? Effective handwashing takes more than soap and water. Last week, we talked about cold stress and how to spot it. But cold weather and rain also increase the chance of getting sick. Handwashing … Read more »

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09Feb 2013

Creating an Illness and Injury Prevention Program on a Dime

I think it’s fair to say that employers and employees value workplace safety and are willing to do what they reasonably can to avoid workplace accidents and work-related illnesses. Yet most of the supervisors and managers I know who have had an accident occur on their watch have found in hindsight that they could have done more to prevent it.
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