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19Jul 2016

Get a Grip on Hand Protection

Handle with care on the job Stop right now and put your hands behind your back. Try to type. Try to answer your phone. Try to scratch your nose. Our hands are very important in our everyday lives and at … Read more »

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12Jul 2016

School’s out – Time to Hire Summer Workers

Hiring young workers this summer? It’s important to know that workers under 25 are twice as likely to be sent to the emergency room as their older counterparts. In a typical year, 200,000 young workers suffer injuries on the job. … Read more »

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05Jul 2016

Use Your Head and Inspect Your Hard Hat

Because nothing lasts forever. Many of us have our cars checked regularly to make sure the fluids levels are adequate, the tires are in good shape, and the brakes work. We do this to ensure our car will keep us … Read more »

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14Jun 2016

Get a Handle on Forklift Safety

Keep Your Lift from Tipping Over When it comes to your forklift toppling over, your first instinct could be your last. One of the deadliest risks of driving a forklift is the chance of it falling over, but the instinct … Read more »

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