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01Oct 2015

Don’t Let the Cooler Weather Fool You

Autumn is officially here, which means it’s time to get excited about football, tailgate parties, and cooler temperatures. Well, two out of three isn’t bad. That’s because although we’re looking forward to cooler temperatures right now in Northern California (and … Read more »

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09Feb 2013

Creating an Illness and Injury Prevention Program on a Dime

I think it’s fair to say that employers and employees value workplace safety and are willing to do what they reasonably can to avoid workplace accidents and work-related illnesses. Yet most of the supervisors and managers I know who have had an accident occur on their watch have found in hindsight that they could have done more to prevent it.
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03Jul 2012

Join the Solution: The Fight Against Distracted Driving

While distracted driving has received much media attention over the years, the role of employers and workers’ comp providers in preventing related accidents has gone largely uncovered. State Fund’s commitment to a safe workplace extends to all workplaces – traditional, remote, mobile, or otherwise. Read more »

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05Jun 2012

Protecting California Workers from Heat-Related Injuries

This past Memorial Day weekend, much of the country faced extreme temperatures and health departments across the East Coast issued heat illness prevention tips and warnings. Here in California, even though the weather has been less extreme, we have already seen two worker fatalities that may be related to heat exposure.
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