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06Jun 2017

Risks of Working with Hazardous Chemicals

Exposure to harmful substances can happen to all of us. It was 2009 and I had been newly married for about a month. My wife tasked me with cleaning the downstairs shower, a glass enclosed stall measuring 3 feet by … Read more »

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30May 2017

Creating a Safety Culture Makes for a Safe, Healthy Workplace

Find out how a Worker Occupational Safety and Health (WOSH) Specialist can help! We’ve talked in this blog about how important it is not to sacrifice safety in the pursuit of productivity; now let’s talk about some steps you can … Read more »

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23May 2017

Ask the Expert – Workplace Violence Health Care Rule

Question: I work in the health care industry. I’ve heard about a new workplace violence regulation and would like to know more about it. Who does this new regulation apply to and where can I find more information? Answer: It’s true, the … Read more »

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16May 2017

It’s Déjà vu All Over Again – How History Can Inspire Preparedness

Here comes the sun–and the aftermath from an extremely wet winter! Recently, we talked about record breaking amounts of rain in California, floods, and landslides that we’ve already experienced. All that wet weather also brought record amounts of snow and … Read more »

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