Question: I work in the health care industry. I’ve heard about a new workplace violence regulation and would like to know more about it. Who does this new regulation apply to and where can I find more information?

AnswerIt’s true, the new regulation went into effect on April 1, 2017. It requires specified health care facilities to have an effective workplace violence prevention plan in effect at all times to protect workers who may be exposed to violence on the job.

From 2002 to 2013, incidents of serious workplace violence (those requiring days off for the injured worker) were on average four times more common in health care than in other industries. In 2013, 27 out of the 100 fatalities in health care and social service settings were due to assaults and violent acts.

Previously, only hospitals were required to adopt a workplace violence prevention plan as part of their Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). This new standard expands to additional health care facilities, service categories, and operations, including:

  • Home health care and home-based hospice
  • Emergency medical services and medical transport
  • Drug treatment programs
  • Outpatient medical services to the incarcerated in correctional and detention settings

The written plan must be incorporated into the written IIPP or maintained as a separate document, and must be in effect at all times in every unit, service, or operation. The plan must be in writing, must be specific to the hazards and corrective measures for the unit, service, or operation, and must be available to employees at all times.

Extensive details about what must be included in the plan are outlined in Section 3342 Workplace Violence Prevention in Healthcare.

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