27Aug 2018

Ergonomics Corner: Headsets Help Reduce Head and Neck Injuries

You might not think talking on the phone puts your employees at risk of injury. But, depending on the way they hold the phone, it definitely can.

Workplace telephone conversations often require your employees to multitask. Whether your workers are sitting at a desk or in the field on a smart phone, they may need to type notes into a computer or tablet, or write something down on a notepad. As a result, they can wind up craning their neck to one side, pinning the phone against their shoulder.

It’s understandable why people do this—pinning the phone gives them the freedom to use their hands for something else. But it also can result in static loading, which puts a strain on the head and neck muscles and could also lead to short-or long-term pain and even injury.

The good news is there’s an easy solution—headsets. Check out this video from State Fund for more information.

You’ll find a variety of headsets in local stores and online. With wired and wireless options available, you can select the style that best fits your employees’ needs.

Using a headset allows your employees to maintain good posture and avoid putting their heads and necks in awkward and static positions. This immediately provides a more comfortable and productive work environment. And you can take the phone off the list of risky tools in the workplace.

Ergonomics Corner is a new feature of the State Fund Safety Blog. We’ll tackle a new topic each month to help your employees reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

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