14Nov 2017

Prevent Fraud By Maintaining a Safe Workplace

It’s no secret that a safe working environment is as good for your business as it is for your employees.

Fewer accidents and injuries mean fewer claims and lower workers’ comp premiums. But did you know that keeping your workplace safe also decreases your risk of workers’ compensation fraud?

International Fraud Awareness Week, November 12-18, is the perfect time to assess your risk and take steps to minimize potential fraud at your worksite. Having a written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) tells your employees that their well-being is a top priority. The IIPP also discourages fraudulent injury claims.

So how does my IIPP help prevent fraud?

A primary tool of any IIPP is the accident investigation. Not only does this cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how, it also helps you determine if the injury claim is accurate.

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Cal/OSHA’s Investigation/Corrective Action Report form

When employees know there’s a formal process for reporting workplace injuries, and that each injury report will be investigated, they’re less likely to try and get away with making a false claim. Be sure to give all employees a copy of the plan and display it in a common area like the breakroom. Flyers, posters, and other printed material can help further emphasize your message. These can be distributed by email and also displayed in the breakroom.

And, you can contact your insurer to see what loss prevention services or industry-specific safety materials they may offer.

Employee engagement gets results

Regular safety meetings and trainings bring your employees together to discuss workplace hazards and how to avoid them. Your employees will appreciate having a role in developing a solution and are likely to be more vigilant about avoiding injuries.

By maintaining a safe, injury-free workplace, you’ll not only protect your employees and your business, you’ll be doing your part to fight fraud.

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