08Dec 2016

Tis the Season to Be Safe and Jolly

Falling off a ladder or tripping over an extension cord can result in injury at any time during the year—but even more so around the holidays.


Think safety first, even during the holidays!

That’s because more people will be climbing ladders and running extension cords to deck the halls at work. But, they might not have the right tools or training to do the job safely.

Falls are a leading cause of accidental deaths in the workplace and about 20% of fall injuries involve ladders. In addition, 4,000 people are treated each year in emergency rooms after tripping over extension cords.

Here’s how to stay safe during the holidays, and all year round.

To avoid falls while hanging lights and decorations, practice ladder safety:

  • Choose the right type of ladder for the job.
  • Never sit or stand on the top rung.
  • Always use three (3) points of contact while ascending and descending a ladder.
  • Never exceed the weight limitations posted on the side of the ladder or step stool.

To reduce tripping hazards, follow these tips when using extension cords:

  • Only use extension cords on a temporary basis.
  • Never use across high traffic areas. If necessary use floor cord covers to prevent tripping.
  • Never run cords through doorways.

Find more holiday safety tips:

We wish you a happy and safe holiday season!

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