When it comes to workplace safety, your employees are a valuable resource. As the ones who do the work each day, they have the best knowledge of the hazards that come with their specific job duties.

And, they likely can offer some good solutions, too.

But, you might ask yourself, what’s the best way to tap that employee resource? One answer comes in the form of a safety committee. Here, you can get everyone together and discuss the risks they face each day. You can also brainstorm about potential solutions and seek help from your workers when you make policy changes related to these discussions.

Another benefit of having a safety committee is that it can fulfill the communication requirement of your Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP).

How do I set up my safety committee

Safety committees help you identify workplace hazards and develop solutions.

If you choose to have a safety committee, Cal/OSHA has specific requirements you must follow, including:

  • Meeting at least once per quarter.
  • Providing written records of health issues discussed at the meetings to your employees.
  • Reviewing the results of safety investigations and accident investigations.
  • Reviewing investigations of any hazards brought to the attention of committee members.

When you tap this vital safety resource—your employees—you show them how valuable they are to your organization, beyond just the work that they do. They, in turn, are likely to look more closely at potential workplace hazards, report them, and find ways to do their jobs in a safer fashion.

For more information on safety committees, see Safety and Health Magazine’s 7 Tips For an Effective Workplace Safety Committee.

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