27Mar 2018

Spring Forward With a New Issue of Safety News

Each year, Cal/OSHA issues more than 2,000 citations to employers for either not having an Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) in place, or not using it properly. These citations can be quite expensive, but are also avoidable. You can read more in our latest issue of Safety News.

You’ll find tips on how to build your IIPP and how use it to its fullest extent. This way, you meet state requirements, avoid the fines, and better ensure a safe workplace for your employees.

Safety News

If you operate a food processing plant, wood shop, or any other dust-generating operation, your IIPP likely includes how to control that dust. Did you know that under certain conditions workplace dust can explode? Read about what those conditions are and how dust extraction systems and other control measures help you keep dust exposure under control.

For your safety meetings

And, as is our tradition with Safety News, we have a new set of safety meeting topics for you to access and present to your employees. Spread across five key industry segments, the topics we cover in this issue are:

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