09Jul 2018

Solar Panels, Tree Trimming, and a Top Ten List – All in The Latest Issue of Safety News

In our latest issue of Safety News, we feature the top 10 safety stories viewed on our website. These are the topics you and other California employers have found to be most useful or important for your operations. From back injuries, to eye protection, to aggressive driving, it’s a diverse list of key safety information that might help address some concerns you have at your workplace.

Safety News

Also, we discuss the importance of not only having, but practicing a workplace evacuation plan. Fires, water line breaks, power outages, and other emergencies most often occur with no notice whatsoever. Do your employees know what to do if you need to evacuate your building?

At your safety meetings

And, no issue of Safety News is complete without a new round of safety meeting topics, spread across five industries. Feel free to explore the subjects below, print them out, and present to your employees at an upcoming safety meeting. Here’s what we have in the new issue:

  • Agriculture – Tree Trimming Safety Starts On the Ground and Works Its Way Up
  • Construction – Avoiding Fall Risk While Installing Solar Panels
  • Manufacturing – Vital Tips for Stone Slab Fabrication Safety
  • Public Agencies – Heat and Fumes From Asphalt Dangerous to Road Workers
  • Trades and Services – Collaboration is the Key Word in California’s New Hotel/Motel Housekeeping Regulation

To ensure you receive the latest issue of Safety News, subscribe here. You can also find past issues on the State Fund website. And, that top ten list we talked about above? You can find those stories and many others in the Safety and Seminars section of our website. Simply choose your industry type for the options in the left column, and view all the content we have to offer.

Lastly, if there is a topic you would like us to cover in Safety News or here on our Safety Blog, please reach out to us with your idea.


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