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04Oct 2018
George Tharalson

New Issue of Safety News Now Available

Learning from the ‘near miss,’ preventing back injuries in the office, and much more. When one of your employees suffers a workplace injury, you know to get them the medical attention they need and complete the claims paperwork. You also … Read more »

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27Jul 2018
George Tharalson

Not All Electrical Work Is Created Equal

Nine years ago, a maintenance employee of one of my clients suffered a major injury while changing a lightbulb. This wasn’t a typical lightbulb, of course—this bulb was connected to a 480-volt, three-phase light fixture. The glass surrounding the bulb … Read more »

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20Mar 2018
George Tharalson

Caution: Road Debris Ahead

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, road debris was to blame for more than 200,000 crashes on the nation’s roadways between 2011 and 2014. That’s an average of 50,000 each year or nearly 1,000 each week. If you’re … Read more »

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18Oct 2017
George Tharalson

The Earth Quakes and the Building Shakes. Where is the Safest Place to Go?

Hint: it’s not the doorway. For years we were told to stand in a doorway during an earthquake, but that’s not the right answer. What about running outside? That’s not right either. With California experiencing on average 50 earthquakes measuring … Read more »

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