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09Aug 2018
George Tharalson

Valley Fever is at a Fever Pitch in California

Valley Fever has been on an upward trend in California over the last three years. In 2017 there were 8,203 suspect, probable, and confirmed cases of Valley Fever in California—an all-time high. That’s an increase of more than 2,000 cases compared … Read more »

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09Jul 2018
George Tharalson

Solar Panels, Tree Trimming, and a Top Ten List – All in The Latest Issue of Safety News

In our latest issue of Safety News, we feature the top 10 safety stories viewed on our website. These are the topics you and other California employers have found to be most useful or important for your operations. From back … Read more »

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29Jun 2018
George Tharalson

California Wildfire Smoke Makes Breathing Difficult

The Pawnee Fire burning north of Sacramento and at least nine other active fires throughout California serve as a reminder for those living and working in or near those areas: the smoke filling the sky poses a health risk. As … Read more »

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25Jun 2018
George Tharalson

An Important Safety Resource for Your Company: Your Employees

When it comes to workplace safety, your employees are a valuable resource. As the ones who do the work each day, they have the best knowledge of the hazards that come with their specific job duties. And, they likely can … Read more »

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