16Oct 2015

Don’t Contribute to the Top Cal/OSHA Violations

Are you a list person? Perhaps you have a daily checklist at home or work. Maybe you enjoy reading lists that interest you such as The Best Places to Live or The World’s Billionaires.

It’s great to be included on some lists and not on others. Businesses would be pleased to make the list of America’s Safest Companies and disappointed to be included on The Worst Companies to Work list.

Workplace safety has its share of lists. One of California’s most important lists, published annually, is Cal/OSHA’s “Top Ten” Frequently Cited Violations. Maintain workplace safety and avoid the top Cal/OSHA violations by becoming familiar with what’s on the list and taking action to correct any deficiencies.

Cal/OSHA 2014 “Top Ten” List

Here’s the Cal/OSHA 2014 “Top Ten” list with the most cited standard at the top. As a bonus to the “Top Ten”, you’ll find links to the regulation with information to help you understand what’s required, including Cal/OSHA eTools.

Use that knowledge to make the necessary corrections to become compliant and improve your workplace safety program. Don’t contribute to the top Cal/OSHA violations.

  1. 3203: Injury and Illness Prevention Program
  2. 3395: Heat Illness Prevention
  3. 1509: IIPP (Construction)
  4. 342: Reporting Serious Injuries/Illnesses & Fatalities
  5. 3314: Lockout/Tagout
  6. 6151: Portable Fire Extinguishers
  7. 461: Permits to Operate Air Tanks
  8. 5194: Hazard Communication
  9. 1512: Emergency Medical Services (Construction)
  10. 2340.16: Workspace About Electrical Equipment

Until next time: Stay Safe.


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