We’ve talked about safe winter driving, but do you know about safe winter walking?

During the last few years of drought we didn’t experience much winter weather at all. But we saw it return in 2017. In fact, California got record amounts of rain and snow ending the drought in much of the state, that year.

Although Californians were happy to see the drought end, the winter weather conditions create hazards like ice that increase the likelihood of slips and falls.

At State Fund, claims for slips, trips, and falls due to snow and ice increased from the same time in 2016. And winter weather conditions often last in parts of the state, like the Sierras, well into spring.The snow pack  in March 2017 was so deep scientists didn’t have instruments capable of measuring it.

Penguin Walk

Penguins don’t slip and fall. So walk like a penguin!

Since winter is here for a while longer, here’s a tip to keep you safe should you find yourself walking on ice:

Walk like a penguin. It may look funny, but it can help prevent a fall. Here’s what you do:

  1. Point your feet outward with your legs apart.
  2. Bend your knees slightly.
  3. Keep your feet flat and take short steps.
  4. Keep your arms out like a penguin to maintain your balance.
  5. Take it slow and easy.

You should also wear proper footwear that provides traction with nonslip rubber or neoprene soles. Stay on designated walkways and look where you’re going. If you should fall, tuck and roll into a ball protecting your head and face.

Follow this penguin advice to prevent slips and falls in winter.

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